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Equitable Distribution

Business Valuation of Closely-Held Businesses and Control Issues

Expert Representation in High Net Worth Asset Division

At Elaine M. Simon, Marital and Family Law Attorneys, we understand that divorce is a difficult process that becomes further complicated when a closely held business is involved. In such cases, a business valuation is typically required to determine the equitable distribution of marital assets. 

Still, the small business or professional practices one of the trickiest assets to value in a divorce case. The reason: Each business is complex, consisting not only of tangible assets like buildings, bank accounts, inventory, tools, fixtures, furniture and machinery; but also, intangible ones such as, patents, trademarks, unlisted stock, skilled labor, accounts receivable and most notably, goodwill. Often, the divorcing couple will disagree over the value of the company, requiring a business appraiser to provide his or her expert opinion to help the court come to a conclusion of value. Our firm frequently utilizes professional appraisers and forensic accountants to properly value marital property. We then work with each client to tailor an innovative and equitable proposal or to properly assess the other party's proposal.

At Elaine M. Simon, Marital and Family Law Attorneys our lawyers are skilled in handling equitable distribution and high-asset divorces

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